Trainee Trader Program

As a trainee in our trainee trader program, we endeavour to pass on over 30 years of extensive trading experience in conjunction with a high quality training program.

We aim to arm our trainees with all the knowledge of a successful trader and teach them to utilise and develop it into a successful trading toolkit.

We provide cutting edge software and an excellent IT infrastructure to give our trainees a platform from which to succeed.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals who share a passion for the markets and for testing the boundaries of conventional wisdom. We are self starters who are entrepreneurial, deeply engaged in the markets, pioneers in the use of technology, performance-driven and prudent in the face of risk.

Experienced traders

Partnered with Marex, the world's largest privately owned broker of financial products, we provide experienced traders of all levels, unparalleled connectivity to a large array of financial exchanges.

We are always looking for experienced traders to join us, to bring additional insights and experience to our trading floor.

We also offer market leading rates and splits.



The Apex Building
Blackthorn Road, Sandyford
D18 F5FW, Ireland

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